Creative Ways to Collect Reviews from Users and Increase Their Loyalty

Asking feedback from customers might seem intimidating, considering the inevitability of negative reviews. But, when handled wisely and properly, this could also help you gain more customers and make your existing ones more loyal to your brand. How? The use of apt customer review tools and a user acceptance test (UAT) gives your buyers a chance to air out their opinions. Hence, they’ll feel heard and valued. And, this is a great start in building productive relationships with them.

The looming concern now is how to get started. What are the ways for you to collect reviews without annoying your customers? This could be a challenging initiative. But, you could start with the following projects – these are the ways popular brands use, such as SiteGround and Hyatt:

SMS Surveys

Today, people are merely a few inches away from their phones. Also, people open their messaging apps more frequently than emails. By implementing SMS surveys as a client feedback method, you can leverage this customer behavior.


Integrating polls in emails, websites, and online newsletters are also effective. Polls can also be done through social media channels. Through this, you can make better business decisions based on the customers’ preferences as shown in poll results. SurveyMonkey and Polldaddy are popular tools to use when creating polls.

Website Prompts

You could also integrate surveys in website pop-ups. It’s also possible to have the customer review box placed in the site sidebars or footers.

Survey Kiosks

If your resources allow, placing survey kiosks at malls, schools, terminals, and other public areas is also a good option. This method is also practical if you’re organizing or attending events.

User Acceptance Tests

Customer reviews could also be gathered even before you roll out your product or service. This is to ensure efficiency and quality. User acceptance testing as a feedback tool is commonly used in the tech industry. Companies specializing in software services use this method to test their product to a predetermined set of users who’ll evaluate the project’s performance.

Follow-Up Emails

Aside from UAT, reviews could also be done by sending out follow-up emails to subscribers. To ensure high click-through and open rates, make sure the headings and text are attention-grabbing and engaging.

Post-Purchase Feedback Prompts

Especially if you’re running an online store, implementing post-purchase reviews helps a lot in evaluating the customers’ satisfaction.  This website feedback method can also help you track your buyer’s purchasing behavior.

Social Media Channels

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t miss to leverage the power of social media. You can ask customers to share their experiences on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with hashtags. Just be prepared to handle both negative and positive feedback.

Collecting feedback is a must if you’re looking forward to giving your customers top-quality products. Through this, you’ll know what they think about your products or services. And, you’ll know which areas in business you should grow.

At Userback, they’re committed to helping you collect reviews through online methods, such as UAT. Feel free to visit their website to know our services more.