Enjoy safer homes and offices by installing quality trellis doors

Hearing the news about home break-ins and burglary in residential or commercial areas is a cause for worry. But, instead of welcoming paranoia, why not install security gates for home or industrial areas. Visiting trusted sites like is the first step to securing your property.

It is not enough that you have a security gate in place. You should install trellis doors. These doors provide additional safety inside your home as they cover entrances to bedrooms and even the hallways. They can be customized to fit existing doors in your home, office, or warehouse. These are also more durable compared to your old security doors that might have been fitted a long time ago.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider installing trellis doors:

1. Added protection

While surveillance systems, like alarms and CCTVs, may provide some sort of security, they are not enough to deter trespassers. Thieves have become bolder and bolder these days and are smarter, too! They have found ways on how to avoid detection. They can just wear a face mask to hide their identities and even if their faces are exposed, they may appear fuzzy in low-res security cameras.

While CCTVs and alarm systems are effective, they do not really offer proactive security. They become effective only after the crime has been committed, and you need to check your footage for any intruders. By then, who knows what horrors have already happened to your loved ones? What vital information could have been stolen from your office?

This is where trellis doors come in handy. They effectively deter trespassers with their formidable appearance. They are a lot harder to take down, after all, compared to normal doors. There are various styles available at to suit your requirements.

2. Boost in resale value of your home

Since crime is everywhere, a property that has an effective security solution is considered a price find! Trellis doors and windows are now becoming a trend and a standard in deterring burglars. Because of these added features, you can enjoy higher ROI when you finally decide to sell your home.

A prospective buyer would rather choose a home with an effective security gate in place over a less secure home. This is because they won’t have to pay extra to have these added and can immediately enjoy its perks once they move in. Websites like have a complete set of samples on various trellis doors for domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The aesthetic effect of trellis doors is also a wow factor. Unlike regular bars on doors and windows, trellis doors are eye-pleasing and are retractable, so you can enjoy an unobtrusive view of the outside.

3. Price of a good nights’ sleep

Admit it, you will sleep better at night knowing you and your loved ones are safe. With trellis doors from, peace of mind is not an understatement. It is truly what you will experience, especially when the world is quiet and everyone is asleep. You will have a good nights’ sleep knowing you have done your part in securing your home and loved ones.

The same goes for commercial or industrial properties. You don’t want to wake up to bad news that your company resources are compromised. This added security is exactly what you need so you won’t have to hire so many people to monitor your facility. Installing durable trellis doors is enough to do the trick.

These are just the top reasons why trellis doors are the latest standard when it comes to building security. This doesn’t mean you should ditch your alarm system and your surveillance cameras. But, the presence of trellis doors deters criminals while increasing the overall value of your property. If you are looking for quality trellis doors, visit for great options.