Simple upkeep tips for your air conditioning unit for the Summertime

Brisbane Summers can go beyond the unforgiving rate of 38 °C; therefore, you wouldn’t wish to be covered with sweat throughout that season. Thus, you should do some simple upkeeps to prepare your air conditioning (AC) system for the scorching days or find reliable air conditioning repairs Brisbane has for problematic units.

These upkeep tips can be as easy as replacing filters and cleaning the condenser, or can be quite a task like cleaning ductworks. Nevertheless, these all points to having a summer-ready AC and one that won’t blow your energy bills on high rates.

What to take note in preparing your AC system for the Brisbane summer

There are simple upkeeps you can do to prepare your AC system for the hot days in the city. Just feel free to connect with an air conditioning repairs Brisbane South homeowner’s trust, especially when you’re unsure on how to solve specific problems you can see.

Replace or clean the filters

Begin with the easiest task. Clean or replace your filter before summer starts. In fact, experts suggest to do it every two months to avoid blockage.

Filters block solid objects, such as dirt and sand, from entering your AC unit. But your machine works much harder when too much such objects accumulate on the filter since it can restrict efficient airflow.

And such restriction can lead to bigger problems, requiring you to contact professional air conditioning repairs Brisbane can offer. Have a look at Sun City Air Conditioning

Inspect the ductwork

Be sure that there’s no air flow restriction and leak through the ductwork. Check if all seals are undamaged, there’s no holes or slits, and free from moulds or other debris.

The problem is, such ductwork problem often requires professional attention, especially when it’s about visible damage.

Thus, if you notice any uncertainties through your ductwork, contact a trusted air conditioner maintenance Brisbane has today. They can professionally clean your ductwork or repair any damage you see.

Clean the coils and condenser

Remember that accumulated debris on your AC condenser can affect the airflow and heat transfer of your unit, thus you should clean them out before starting it in the summer.

Start by sweeping away all the dirt, dust, fallen leaves, grass and other debris on and around the condenser. Next, clean pollens and mould spores from your coil using a soft cloth, but be careful to avoid pushing such debris further inside.

Finally, clean the interior of the box after dealing with its external surfaces and parts.

Check the insulation of coolant lines

Finally, be sure that the coolant lines are properly insulated. These are the tubes or pipes that connects the condenser to your house’s interior and insulating them can reduce unnecessary energy loss.

You can do it by covering the lines with insulation tape or sleeves. However, if you notice more serious problems through the lines, call reliable air conditioner servicing Brisbane has to help you.

With these few simple steps, you can easily prepare your air conditioning system for the scorching heat of the Brisbane summer.

Just be sure to call reliable air conditioning repairs Brisbane experts, such as those from, when you notice some problems you can’t solve. This is to avoid inflicting bigger problems or damages on your AC system.