Tips to Determine if Sold Diamonds are Properly Graded

When an individual spends lots of cash to buy a piece of jewelry for a loved one, it is not that they had nothing else to use the money for. It is because they truly care for the people they are purchasing an engagement ring for. One may therefore be enraged to realize they are actually victims of Diamond Doctor fraud; spending too much cash for what does not merit the amount used. Well, instead of sitting back and seething as you stare into what you never wanted in the first case, there are ways of reclaiming the money back, or getting whatever was paid for.

Most people find they fall victims of Diamond Doctor fraud due to over-grading. At times someone may wonder what over-grading is and why retailers do it. Of course it takes a keen eye and some skill to distinguish the diamonds. Retailers know this. Since they have served plenty of customers who are green on matters of identifying jewelry, they often cut a few diamonds, polish them and give them grades that are not actually theirs. By the time an individual finds out the jewel they purchased was not actually whatever they spent good money on, the damage is already done and in case it was purchased for a loved one, there is a lot of explanation to do.

The grades of diamonds are determined by the four Cs namely; color, clarity, carats and cut. Most buyers are unaware of these grades and unscrupulous retailers take advantage of this to rip off hundreds of buyers. This ultimately gives the buyer a bad name and sometimes negative reviews are splashed all over the social media, leading to lack of trust. In case an individual has been involved in a Diamond Doctor fraud, there is all the reason to report the matter to the concerned authorities. In case one is not sure if they are a victim, here are tips that could help;

Diamonds are normally accompanied by certificates. In case this did not come from the GIA, that is a red flag. Most people who have had a bad experience at Diamond Doctor and were issued fake certificates normally check them out first to confirm if they are genuine. Do not fall victim by ignoring this fact.
A number of times, retailers not selling the right-graded diamond usually fumble about the jewelry they are selling. This is another hint that perhaps whatever is being offered is not the right item. If even after being suspicious one decides to buy, it does not hurt to go to an independent jeweler to check it out. In case they say the diamond is not well graded, it is time to report to the relevant authorities. By reading through Diamond Doctor Dallas reviews, an individual could also know how certain people were conned into buying the overrated diamonds.
Original diamonds cost a dime. In case a retailer is ready to lower prices way below what they originally stated, this is a sign that the item could be over-graded. A number of buyers have discovered that Diamond Doctor sells overgraded diamonds and this is a criminal offence.

After establishing that the jewel is over-graded, it is only fair to report the matter to the State Attorney General. After that, letting others know this online is a good step too.

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