Understanding Trade Waste and Waste Management

Trade waste is any waste in liquid form, including any substance in it, which is expelled during a commercial operation or industrial process of a business or an industrial facility. This is totally different from common sewage which is discharged from the regular amenities and facilities of offices, etc. Specialized wastewater treatment companies, like Riverside Environmental Services (, make it their business to collect and properly dispose of liquid waste as specified by local and national guidelines.

Where does trade waste come from?

Trade waste is discharged from different types of large and small business establishments, such as car wash bays, mechanic shops, equipment hire companies, restaurants, dining establishments, butchers, abattoirs, resorts, hotels, hospitals and other medical facilities, laundromats, and mortuaries. Since trade waste and wastewater are basically by-products of a business’ daily operations, you can expect all business establishments to produce trade waste of one form or another.

There are waste management companies that handle both solid and liquid waste, and there are companies like Riverside Environmental Services ( that focus on the disposal of liquid waste.

What does a waste management company do, anyway?

A waste management company basically takes care of the collection, handling, and disposal of the trade waste and wastewater that is discharged from a business or industry. The work of a waste management company includes the collection of trade waste from the business or industrial facility, transporting it to the proper area for treatment and disposal, as well as the actual treatment and disposal of the waste itself.

This company should also adhere to any legal and environmental guidelines that are put into place. One of the most significant reasons for the existence of waste management companies is that the waste from businesses and industries are generally considered harmful to the environment as well as being highly detrimental to the health of the nearby residents, therefore the proper collection, handling, and disposal of these wastes are considered critical.

How do waste management companies help?

Aside from being a business itself, a waste management company also serves an important role in the daily business and industrial operations of the city or area it operates in. This is because the functions of this company serve to protect the environment and the population within their area. Here are several ways in which they can help:

  • Protects the environment by collecting and disposing of waste through regulated waste management processes.
  • By following the national and local guidelines for waste management, pollution is further decreased, and the health of the residential community and the environment is protected.
  • Using advanced waste treatment and recycling techniques, some trade waste can even be recycled, therefore the amount of trade waste that is finally discharged through the sewage systems is decreased.

The actions and methods of waste management companies can also serve to promote better awareness among the population regarding the environmental impact of waste and how to reduce it.

Riverside Environmental Services is a fully licensed and highly reputable waste management company operating within the Brisbane area. They provide liquid waste collection and disposal solutions for business, industrial, and domestic clients. Contact them via their website at to get a quote.