Using influencer marketing to reach millennials

Want to increase your business exposure to millennials around the world? You need to know how to reach millennials on with influencer marketing. The world’s a stage and people are looking up to popular individuals or influencers gracing online platforms while they, the millennials are the audience. As a businessman, it is important that you know who is best to carry your brand to the world stage to attract not only millennials but all people from different walks of life.

Who are the millennials?

Ranging from ages 22 to 37 years old, millennials are young adults who may be employed, unemployed or self-employed. Most of them are employed and are working full-time jobs to make a living. But living doesn’t have to be always working to pay the bills.

Millennials are working hard to experience leisure, fun, and a bit of luxury. And that’s what the fashion, entertainment, food and travel industry should take a closer look on for them to figure out how to reach millennials on with influencer marketing.

Creating a strong connection

How do influencer marketing and millennials connect? Let’s define the two terms.

Influencer marketing is the presentation of famous personalities to the public eye for advertising or promotion, while millennials, also known as Generation Y, are people who grew up loving the 80s and 90s pop culture, art and traditions.

How do they connect again?

Influencers are considered experts in their chosen fields, and millennials are more likely to purchase products if they see it being endorsed by a popular personality. So, when their favourite singer endorses a particular brand or a beauty guru from YouTube recommends a certain product, it’s more likely to sell.

Your brand needs faces — not just popular faces, but trusted and charismatic influencers that millennials will most likely follow. That is the major goal of how to reach millennials on with influencer marketing.

Choosing the right influencer for your brand

To have a successful influencer marketing campaign, it’s not just your influencer’s face of support that you will need. To find more about influencer marketing, there are three major questions you need to answer about your influencer and how your millennials target audience connects to him or her:

  1. Does the influencer have a good reputation? You can’t hire an influencer with a bad reputation. It’s bad for your reputation since it will make people dislike your brand for selecting someone with a nasty resolve.
  1. Does the influencer have an impact? While famous people can be influencers, not all of them have the charisma to attract people’s hearts and drive sales to your product. Hiring an influencer who has that genuine impact on millennials will do your business good.
  1. Does the influencer have active social media accounts? Since social media is the fastest way of modern communication today, your hired influencers should have active social media accounts to promote your brand to his or her fans and thereby reaching millennials if it’s promoted widely enough.

Start influencing now

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