What You Need to Know About Working with a Design Agency

Your business might be at that point where you need to hire the services of an agency to help you with the design, branding, and overall marketing of your company. You can find a reputable design agency Melbourne companies are already using for their own businesses, but do you really know what you need? A marketing agency does things differently than a design agency, even though they both can be categorised as a “creative agency”.

Here are a few important things you need to know about working with design agencies:

They can be both

If you see an agency promoting itself as a creative agency that can also do marketing, design, and print, don’t immediately dismiss them. It’s entirely possible that the agency has a core of marketing experts who have different skill sets, which they can use to provide a wide range of services to their clients. For example, Juno Creative is an ad agency that can help you with branding as well as provide expert graphics and packaging design Melbourne businesses look for.

They are specialists in aesthetics

Hiring an experienced design agency Melbourne companies use will give you access to top-notch marketing experts, but you should expect to see a design agency specialising in the aesthetics of your brand more than anything else. An ad agency will develop a marketing strategy that can improve the overall recognisability and popularity of your brand, but a design agency can go deeper and work on how your product looks and how appealing it can be to your target demographic. See more at Juno Creative

What do we mean aesthetics?

Look at it this way: is your brand attracting the right kind of customers you want to attract? Are you using the right messages, colours, and advertising scheme? Is your company logo working effectively for you or can it do better? These are the kind of questions that an agency can find the answers to. They can provide solutions and even create the kind of brand strategy Melbourne companies are successfully implementing for their own purposes.

  • Graphics – A professional design studio Melbourne companies frequently use is expected to be able to develop that kind of visual structure and appeal that can influence and attract the kind of customers you want.
  • Logo – Any company hoping to create and maintain a successful brand should have a unique identity with a cohesive message attached to that identity. Your company logo will be the primary visual element that exemplifies that identity.
  • Packaging – Most businesses focus on their product. Most successful businesses, however, know that marketing and branding does not stop with the product, but can also involve the packaging itself. High-quality, well-designed packaging will allow your product to stand out from the rest of the competition. In a saturated market, providing your customers with a positive unboxing experience can be your most formidable weapon.

Work with an experienced, skilled design agency Melbourne businesses trust. Are you looking to launch a business? Do you have an awesome idea for a kick-ass product, or maybe you’re looking to give your company a huge boost? Contact Juno Creative here,, and let Melbourne know all about you.